Listen to your body!

I’ve spent nearly a decade of my life doing Crossfit. In that time I’ve worked out through two pregnancies, recovered from a C-section, and rehabbed after shoulder surgery. With all the ups and downs life threw at me, I was always able to recover from my workouts and have enough energy left over for my busy life life…until last year.
I spent 2020 simply “surviving” (as many people did.) I used my workouts to relieve stress, but they often left me exhausted and it would take me much longer to recover. I was holding onto weight despite eating the same way I always had. Stress does some crazy things to our bodies, and I needed something to change.
After a long chat with my friend and trainer, we decided to focus on nutrition and slow down at the gym. Changing my mindset has been a huge game-changer. Over the last 3 months, with a focus on fueling my body and reducing stressors that I have control over, I finally feel like I’m getting back to “me.” I dropped those few stubborn pounds, I’m recovering quickly from workouts, and best of all, I feel good again! The moral of this story: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

-Lauren Johnstone


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