Holiday Traditions


The holiday season has officially begun and it can mean so many different things for people.

For most people the holidays are a beautiful tradition of indulgence and connectedness with the people that we love.

But they can also be an emotional tip off to family trauma, anxiety and for some, food/drink triggers.

My advice to you as we go through the holidays:

1) Find ways to unplug, refill your tank. Showing up with ‘holiday cheer’ can be draining especially when you’re mingling with new people. Take some time between the madness to breath and enjoy some stillness on your own.

2) Set boundaries. Families have an amazing 😉 way of crossing all lines and taking advantage of our time and emotional capacity (especially when it comes to the holidays). Do yourself a favor and set expectations from the get-go of what you’ll be showing up to and how you’ll be showing up. (This means being PRESENT and KIND when you do show up).

3) Create new traditions of your own with the people you love NOW. Often times Holiday’s are triggering to our past/childhood experiences because we are missing a feeling that we were also desiring in the past when people we loved fell through or made our excitement feel insignificant. Create NEW traditions that can make the holidays feel GOOD and that don’t remind you of when they didn’t.

4) Have sympathy for the people in your life that struggle during the holidays. It may be hard to understand why others don’t have the same giddy feelings we do this time of year. We are all doing the absolute best we can.

Happy Holidays FitFam!

-Coach Lenzie


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