Holiday Traditions Part TWO

Last week we talked about the emotional anxiety that comes with the holidays and a few simple tricks to help tackle this.

But what about FOOD anxiety?

A few words as we are creeping towards the most indulgent holiday in our culture:

1) Remember, just like you can’t get FIT in 1 day or 1 week, you also can’t “ruin” your progress, fitness, or health in that time either. It’s OK and in fact, perfectly HEALTHY to enjoy cooking with the family and eating foods you might not normally.

2) MOVE- Indulgence always feels better for our bodies and bellies if we can squeeze in some movement too. If you can’t make it to the gym during this time, commit to taking 1 or 2 walks each day or stretching when you wake up and pre-bed.

3) DRINK UP! You are going to likely be eating processed carbs, tons of salt, and for some- delicious holiday DRANKS. You can do yourself a favor and likely avoid the food comas and hangovers if you stay super hydrated (probably drink more water than you normally do).

4) My favorite one…refrain from making comments or passing judgement on what others are eating, drinking, or DOING. Some people have an easier time demonstrating balance this time of year while others struggle. If other’s behaviors make you feel uncomfortable or yucky, remove yourself instead of putting them down about what they are eating or how much.

5) When plating your Christmas meals, try taking mini sample sizes of each dish. This will allow you to try them all out without getting overly full so you can go back for seconds on your FAVORITES if needed. Often time we want to try EVERYTHING and we end up putting a normal size side portion of each dish on our plates which creates way more food volume than our tummies can handle. Start small and then go back for the things you LOVED if you’re still hungry.

Happy Holidays FitFam!

Coach Lenzie


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