Have you ever wanted to try a new athletic challenge outside the gym but let fear hold you back?

“We see our friends posting their accomplishments on social media. Spartans, marathons, crossfit competitions, and many other fun events. We see the medals,crossing the finish line and post celebrations with friends. We often think “Hey that looks fun but I can’t do that”. We let that self doubt creep in and prevent us from trying something we really want to do. But what if I told you that you are ready. In Crossfit we spend our time building our functional fitness which carries over to not just our everyday life but for these fun events. Let’s take a Spartan for example. Running, jumping over walls, monkey bars, sandbag carries, rope climbs are all found in these events. Remember those skill days where we worked on high box jumps? That explosive power we found that day is the same power to get us over the wall. Next stop is carrying a bucket full of rocks or heavy sandbag. Yup we covered it on those days doing turkish get ups and hollow rocks, Strong core allows us to carry heavy loads. See, you are ready! 

Now how to shake that fear or self doubt. We sign up and tell a coach our new adventure. Next, grab a buddy to train for it because fitness with friends is always a help to keep that negative self talk away. Having someone encourage and hold you accountable to your goals can be the push over the hurdle you need. Practice positive self talk. Remind yourself of all the hard work you put in everyday. Let this be the year you overcome self doubt and see how amazing you really are! “

-Coach Amber Bailey


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