Chris’s Success Story

“In the Spring of 2018, I saw picture of myself and did not recognize the face in the picture. I said something to my wife about needing to make a change and workout again, but I was done with running. Having been a competitive runner, the last thing I wanted to do was go out for a run. Then some add popped up on social media looking for 10 guys to take on a challenge. Knowing full well that nothing in life is free, I knew I was signing up for work. I went to the gym and met with Casey & Lenzie. They went over the challenge and the gym, and I dove in headfirst. When I started the challenge in 2018, I was 212 pounds. By the end of the challenge, I dropped to 192. I dropped 20 pounds in 6 weeks! From that point on, I was sold on the Tracks, the coaches, and the people. The environment was encouraging and uplifting and made working out fun. However, while I stayed fairly regular with the workouts, I did not stay focused on the nutrition component and fat started to creep its way back on. By February of this year (2021), I had creeped back up to 204. My pants were feeling tight, my belt was tight, I just wasn’t comfortable. I made the decision to make a change and approached Lenzie about nutrition coaching. While I am not the model client, I do my best to stay within the defined parameters. Do I hit the protein level asked of me no. Do I keep the calories in check, almost every day. It requires work, but it also takes a coach willing to put work into you, which Lenzie has done for me. I am now down to 187 pounds and working toward my goal of 175. It’s not overnight success, but staying focused, working with the Tracks on nutrition and fitness, the goal is achievable. If you really want to change and feel fit in your own skin, make an investment in yourself and work with the Tracks nutrition and fitness.”


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