12 months in & I can see my abs again

“At 33 years old I was a husband, a business owner and father of two kids. I shouldn’t break a sweat just walking up a flight of stairs or get out of breath playing in the back yard with the kids. Something had to change. The last straw was when my niece and my mother both made funny, but true comments about my belly and shirts fitting tight. I had fallen into some bad eating (and drinking) habits and forgot what it was like to be in shape.

I had joined CrossFit the Tracks in 2015 and showed up from time to time, but never really committed. Fast forward to 2019, I was in even worse shape and my wife and two kids deserved better. I reached out to Casey at The Tracks and learned that they had now started doing Burn classes as part of The Tracks Fitness Lab and he recommended that I start there. He was right. There was more cardio and less heavy weight and skill involved.
The first workout was tough and each one after that got easier and easier. Today, I do the Burn classes when I want a good cardio workout with high intensity and I do the CrossFit workouts for strength and overall conditioning. The coaches at the gym always explain the workout and guide me on what weight I may want to use or how to scale the workout by doing different but similar movements.

I had never been afraid to take my shirt off because I grew up a “skinny kid” and never felt self-conscious about my body. When the comments started coming in and my clothes fit tighter, I wanted to hide. After 12 months of working out you can see my abs and the comments have changed 180 degrees to positive remarks like “wow you’re looking great” or “you look fit”. It actually only took about 6-8 months to get excited about the abs again.
With everything going on in life, sometimes it is challenging to make my schedule work out just right. I am able to drop into any of the classes at the gym in the morning or afternoon. Some of my closest friends are people I have met at the gym. Since starting and becoming serious about my health, my relationship with my wife has gotten exponentially better, I am more present with my kids, and my business has over doubled. I attribute all of those benefits to the mental and physical benefits of the focus on fitness. Not to mention having 6-pack abs again is a big confidence booster.

My advice is to get started now. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.-Chinese Proverb”


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