Are You Ready To Run Faster, Jump Higher & Be Stronger Than Your Competitors?

Our staff is LOADED with former High School and College Athletes.  We understand what it takes to perform at the highest level.  Let Tracks take your student-athlete to new levels!

We can help your kids run faster, jump higher, gain strength and size and more importantly build a body that is not prone to injury.  

I have 2 kids, a 14 year old daughter and 12 year old son.  Both are excelling in sports for 1 MAIN reason, specialty training over and above what their teams do.  My son started doing CrossFit with me when he was 9.  We consistently do home workouts and work on explosion and core movements.  I saw his stregth advantage when he started playing Football at 11.  But I saw it BIGTIME when he started swimming this year.  He had never swam laps before and had no endurance for swimming. Within a few weeks he was beating every kid his age. These kids had been swimming for 2+ years and were much better swimmers.  BUT what they didn't have was strength. At his first meet he beat every 6th and 7th grader in the 50 Freestyle with a bad start, slow turn and bad transitions, but he made up for by being so much stronger than the kids his age.

Talent can only take athletes so far, but strength, power and speed can do wonders.