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Getting in shape isn’t easy.  For many of us (including me) we have had long periods of inactivity due to being an adult getting in the way of eating good and a fitness regimen. Getting in shape isn’t easy and it takes most of us lots of help to get on the right path.

Group classes like CrossFit and Bootcamp are great, but we understand they aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re trying to learn a specific skill.  All of our trainers know what it takes to help you get to your goals.  We’ll work with anyone to customize a program that helps you reach your goals, regardless of age or fitness level

What can you expect when you work with our trainers in a 1-to-1 setting?

  • A personalized  fitness plan.  Nothing we do is “cookie cutter”.  Your trainer will create a plan JUST FOR YOU that will help reach your goals.
  • PUSH, MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY – That’s in all caps because you need to understand that’s what this process is about more than anything.  We will push you to places you’ve never been. We will motivate you to do things you never knew you could.  We will both work together to make sure that you stay on course.
  • Mobility – You’ll go through a fitness and mobility evaluation to help us find out what mobility issues and injuries you may have. Many of our clients have jobs that contribute to your issues like sitting at a desk all day on a computer.  We will show you things that you can do at home and work to help fix these issues.
  •  Nutrition – We’re not nutritionists but we’ll be able to help you understand what food you are eating and what foods you should avoid.  Our goal is to help find a healthy relationship with food while still enjoying those treats we all love:)
  • HOMEWORK – You can expect your trainer to give you assignments and home workouts to help you in between sessions.
  • Bootcamp – PT clients who book 4 or more sessions per month can attend our Bootcamp classes free of charge.  This gives you an opportunity to get in some extra work in a supportive environment