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What's CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness regimen that combines Gymnastics, Plyometrics, Cardio and Olympic Weight Lifting.  What dose that mean?  It means we're getting you ready for every day life, we're making doing household chores easier, playing with your kids effortless and making you look better naked:)

Think about the tasks that you do in every day life.  Picking up your kids, landscaping, grocery shopping and playing with your kids.  Those tasks will all become easier once you're doing CrossFit.

Honestly, CrossFit is the best fitness program that we've ever seen.  BUT we understand that for many people it's intimidating.  Many people have never used a barbell in exercise and many of the moves are brand new to you.  For this reason ALL OF OUR BEGINNERS begin with our CrossFit Personal Training Program.

This Beginners program is a series of 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions that take you through a program that will prepare you to join class.  This process starts with a fitness test to help us see where your fitness level is.  Then we'll prescribe a Beginners Package customized to your needs.  Most members need 5-12 sessions.  Once you graduate from the 1-to-1 sessions you