How to beat a Fat Loss Plateau?!


I have been asked this question quite frequently lately. Have you thought this same thing? Maybe you’ve started eating better, now added exercising and you lost 20-30 pounds those first couple months… and now it’s just stopped?! Anyone have this happen to them?!

If so, I got you!

First and foremost, track everything you eat. This helps to know how much you’re eating and WHAT exactly you’re eating. Quantity becomes just as important as quality…


DON’T skimp on protein. AND I MEAN IT! Especially around this time of the year, carbs seem to be the favorite at family gatherings.. am I right?! The dumplings, the stuffing, cakes, rolls, etc. Don’t forget about the MEAT PEOPLE!!!!!


Manage stress, this is so important. Journaling can be a HUGE win. Maybe you are someone who worries a lot and you just don’t realize it. Jotting down your thoughts every night before bed can help manage some of that stress that you might have!


Avoid alcohol. Yes, I said it! Now, I am saying this if you’re someone who works your butt off Monday- Friday and then the weekend comes and you CELEBRATE! You know you deserve it but then you also notice things aren’t changing on the scale, or your waist is still the same size it was a month ago. Our body holds onto those calories, so especially around the holidays, make good choices!


Increase exercise frequently. Maybe since you’ve hit this plateau you cut back on exercise. Take it back up to 4-5x a week. And bump up that intensity during your workouts. FORM, CONSISTENCY, INTENSTY. Move right, continue to move right and doing so well, THEN BUMP UP THAT INTENSITY! Results will show!


My last point here is, EAT MORE FIBER! This is why tracking your food can be so important. You’re probably like, but I have NO idea how much fiber I’m eating. And a lot of people don’t, unless they are tracking what they are consuming. Good fiber foods are, berries, veggies, avocados, etc. ADD THEM to your diet if you haven’t already! If you’ve hit a plateau , try these points above and see how much you improve! Nothing happens??… reach out to me and I WILL HELP!


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