Nutrition Cliches You Should Avoid….

Do you hear things about nutrition that make you wonder if that could be true?! If you said yes, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one.

The first one, “Eating diet food is the answer” What does that saying even mean?! This used to be something I actually heard a lot in the past. Before more people knew about counting macros. Watching what you eat is important but it shouldn’t allow you to not continue to still enjoy yourself from time to time. If you’re celebrating your neighbors 1st birthday party and you are drooling over that piece of cake… EAT IT! The moment you lose a good relationship with food, is the moment that relationship worsens. If you don’t eat that piece of cake then who’s to say you won’t binge on brownies later in the week because you can’t stop thinking about that piece of cake you never ate. See where I’m going here?!

“Healthy foods don’t taste good”.. Now this is SILLY!!!! You can make healthier food taste REAL good. Often the trick here is in preparation. Roasting veggies brings out their natural sweetness, different meats with good spices brings out the different flavors. Flavor is key!

“Nutritionist are the food police”... Now this one makes me laugh. Because honestly, ugh duh we have to be! As a nutrition coach, making sure you find that balance with your clients is key. Holding you accountable is first and foremost. And helping you to understand how a better relationship with food goes along way!!

“Losing weight is all willpower”… Willpower implies that you just have to want it bad enough. Numerous potential clients say to me all the time, I know what I need to do I just can’t seem to do it. We all know what we should do, like wear sunscreen when it’s blazing hot out, floss our teeth to prevent cavities or gum disease, eat healthy, but things get in the way like emotions, time constraints, social events, etc. A big part of my work helps clients address these barriers. I help you navigate the everyday challenges that interfere with following through from food-pushing friends to the desire to turn to ice cream for comfort. In other words, losing weight requires developing skills like learning to play music or speaking a different language.

Losing weight will magically change your life” … This is a powerful sentence. Losing weight healthfully can transform your well being, as well as your energy, mood and confidence. But if you’re unhappy with key aspects in your life, like relationships and work, hitting your weight goal wont miraculously solve these issues.

Having a better relationship with food can go a long way. Not only help you achieve goals physically but also having a better relationship with it mentally.


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