Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants


Eating out can be difficult. BUT going in with some knowledge and awareness beforehand can make all the difference!

FIRST TIP, SCAN the menu.. look for key words of foods to avoid which can be pan-fried, crispy, breaded, dipped, cream, etc. With those types of dishes comes a lot of hidden fat and salt. Instead, look for foods that include the following words, grilled, steamed, baked, roasted, seared, etc.

TIP NUMBER TWO, eat some meat or fish! Meat has tons of protein, and when lean, is a great idea to order. When ordering meat, pick leaner cuts of beef. Great options include flank steak, tenderloin, sirloin or filet mignon. When in doubt, chicken is another great high protein, low fat option.

THIRD TIP, ask to double or triple the vegetables. Most of the time, a serving of vegetables in restaurant is more of a garnish instead of a serving soooo ASK FOR MORE!

FOURTH TIP, ask about preparation. Some chefs use a lot of butter and salt to heighten flavors. Because duh, it tastes good right! Don’t be afraid to ask them this question, if it is prepared with this ask for them to prepare it differently for you. It’s worth the ask!

FIFTH TIP, sometimes we want a dessert, right?! Order one dessert for the table to share. This can allow you not to splurge and eat a ton but also get your fix of that sweet you may want!

SIXTH TIP, Box it early. And by this I mean TAKE HOME LEFTOVERS! You don’t have to be the hero that eats everything off your plate, even though if you were taught that like me… it can be hard not to do! Ha .. Restaurants can serve quite a bit of food, and if you aren’t a fan of leftovers then you can also share an entrée with a friend!

SEVENTH TIP, skip the fancy pants drinks. Which includes the margaritas, pina coladas, other mixed drinks with all the added sugars. Instead, have a glass of wine, light beer, vodka, or bourbon.

EIGHTH and FINAL TIP, drink water throughout! Try your best to make water your main beverage. Drinking water can help slow you down from eating your food too fast, which can help you enjoy your food more. The slower we eat the better our brain can relay the message to our stomachs that we’re full. When we’re HUNGRY and we eat fast to indulge our food we tend to want to eat more because we haven’t given the message time to be presented. SOOO … in summary, EAT protein, veggies, drink water, and ASK QUESTIONS! Your waiter wants to take care of you 😉