There’s a good chance the majority of us are spending a lot of our time in the house during this
crazy weird time. Do you find yourself bored and looking inside your pantry constantly for
something to snack on? If so, let’s dig in together here how we can prevent this from happening!
Since our routines are ALL out of whack, you NEED to create a new one. Wake up in the
morning and get dressed. If you’re working from home and you usually put on a nice pair of
paints and a blouse. DO IT. If you’re like me and head to work in workout type clothes.. put
them on! Get out of your PJs and start your day by getting dressed as if you are starting a usual
day for yourself. If you have your kiddos at home, get them in a routine as well. Whatever kind
of routine works for you and your family.

Boredom is common especially during a time like this and leads to snacking. The moment we’re
bored our mind thinks we are hungry. This isn’t usually the case. Take a step back before
grabbing something to eat and ask yourself these questions;

*Have I prioritized sleep? It’s okay to feel a little stressed, we all are right now. BUT it's
controlling that stress the right way. (Stress is a whole other topic, too).

*Going back to our routine, make sure you are also eating at your normal times. Breakfast,
lunch and dinner along with those healthy snacks or protein shakes we may have been taking to
work with us.

*Facetime a friend or family member, this has been a BIG one in our household. The positive to
this is we are being forced to slow down… catch up with your loved ones that you seem to not
get to talk to very much.

*Make sure you are drinking enough water, staying hydrated is important. A lot of times
especially during this time of boredom we may feel hungry more often but most of the time we
are just thirsty… drink that H2O!

*Meal prepping is still something that can help, even though you’re at home. If you are someone
who loves to snack (on junk) continue to prep your food. Knowing it's ready in the fridge for you
can make all the difference.

*KEEP WORKING OUT! This is so important. We are continuing to keep our community strong
and we want to see everyone staying healthy. Now is the time to continue to stay healthy and fit!
Join in on the zoom classes if you haven’t already, and schedule a one on one zoom call with a
coach to help keep you dialed in on YOUR goals!

*Get outside! (While practicing social distancing, of course) Fresh air also helps our moods.
Staying cooped up in the house sitting around isn’t going to help make us feel any better.

Keep doing the best that we can. Stay positive and practice this new list of things above. Find
YOUR routine and stick to it!

Instagram: @thetracksnutrition